The Pan Drwal Premium Line, which contains some well-known products, i.e. oil, balm, and lotion, has been expanded with a perfume, a beard and hair shampoo, and a new oil composition. Once again, the entire line uses a single fragrance composition based on patchouli (base note), cardamom, spicy pepper, nutmeg (heart notes) and bergamot orange (head notes). The Premium Line bottles have been made from dark, thick-walled glass, experimentally verified not to transmit visible light. Such bottles protect cosmetics from harmful effects of radiation even better than transparent, green or brown glass containers, ensuring their high-quality and stability.

Both the glass and the plastic elements, i.e. atomisers and pumps, have been made in Europe. Pan Drwal cosmetics are still made in Poland. Each Premium Line product is packed into a separate cardboard packaging.

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